The Universe Hears Us….

About two weeks ago, I told my dear friend Kristen that I felt sure I was going to see a hummingbird moth. While sitting in North Carolina in my brother’s garden, my sis-in-law said, “what IS that?” Hello, hummingbird moth. Over the week, many of them visited us as we sat in the garden at… Read more »

Ideas Just Float To The Surface…

Sometimes a long productive day at the office involves no office at all. Today, my creative partner Kristen Maniscalco and I spent the day here while ideas and inspirations for our PipflowerPower Makeshops popped up all around us. As we worked, we were visited by hawk, spider, dragonfly, Carolina wren,  hummingbird, woodpecker, and the teeniest… Read more »

The Thrill Of It All…….

   Yesterday we launched something new from Pip studio. FlowerPower Makeshops by Pippingtooth! It’s a collaboration between my dear friend Kristen Maniscalco who is an artist, educator, and nutritional therapist and yours truly. The ideas for botanical makeshops have been swirling around in our hearts and minds for years individually. It just feels like something… Read more »

my garden studio

this is one of my favortie places in the whole wide world. it’s a magical garden where new ideas about creativity and workshops bloom, slither, crawl, sway, splash, vine, sprout, buzz, dance, rustle, alight, and burst into my noggin.