The Universe Hears Us….

About two weeks ago, I told my dear friend Kristen that I felt sure I was going to see a hummingbird moth.

While sitting in North Carolina in my brother’s garden, my sis-in-law said, “what IS that?” Hello, hummingbird moth. Over the week, many of them visited us as we sat in the garden at dusk.

In Native American traditions, it’s believed that each animal carries a medicine with it.

I share this belief.

Here’s the symbolism that spoke to me in this visit:  The moth is an optimist and opportunist with countless transformative properties. From them we learn how to expand and perfect our inherent psychic abilities, and how to let go of negative energies and unwelcome influences, helping us move into our personal power and happiness.

Gives me goosebumps. Do you have stories to share??

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